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Shanghai 3F New Materials Technology Co., LTD(referred as“3F”),a high-techcompany is specialized in research and development,manufacture and marketing of fluoropolymers,fluorocarbons (mainly refrigerants)and fluorine-containing fine chemicals. After persistent development for new-nerely half of a century,as a China-based company with its marketing and R&D centers in Shanghai and Production bases both in Shanghai and Changshu(3F Changshu),3F has become a leading manufacturer in China dedicating to the breakthrough of manufacturing technologies and commercialization for all kinds of fluorine-containing products,the development of new application to satisfy social demands best,and the commitment to the society and the public. To innovate bravely and challenge the future--our constant faith. Rooting on China and developing our business all over the world,3F is growing into a quality and profit-oriented enterprise,with main products as excellent as those of foreign counterparts For a beautiful environment and an ideal society,3F would exert all power to build more efficient systems for greater leaps under the challenge of the new century.


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